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The Purdue OWL offers global support through online reference materials and services. Past spotlight resources can be found here. Learn Chalreston about our navigation features here.

Common Words that Sound Alike Numbers: Text Elements Visual Rhetoric: Process and Materials Overview: An Introduction Researching Programs: Practical Considerations Researching Programs: Drafting Your Statement Statements Discreet sex partners North Charleston Purpose: The Basics In-Text Meet girls Amble Basic Rules Reference List: Articles in Periodicals Reference List: Other Print Sources Reference List: Electronic Sources Reference List: Organization and Discreet sex partners North Charleston Graduate Writing Workshops: Would that make him just another rich, out of touch superstar?

Ruth was known for the gusto in which he approached life. A likely reason may have been, alcohol poisoning common in the age of prohibition and venereal disease.

There are Cnarleston told years later of Babe chasing woman through the train and drinking to excess. His appetite for sex was huge. How many of the women he caught were unwilling participants? We will never know because he surrounded by a sympathetic and enabling press corps. Babe today would be dealing with Discreet sex partners North Charleston much less enabling press corp.

His off the Duscreet antics would be reported. But issues of sexual assault are taken very seriously today just ask Ben Roethlisberger. It is possible that the league and legal authorities may take action leading to a loss of games which would lessen his stats and a tarnishing of his reputation.

It is also possible, the Babe of the s knew he could get away with this kind of behavior. Modern day Ruth may be much more careful and discreet. Parrtners Ruth put up those amazing numbers without help of any kind. He, like many of his era, showed up for Discreet sex partners North Charleston training and worked himself into shape after a long winter.

Today staying in shape is a day endeavor. Many of the MLB players today are physical specimens. In their pursuit of the perfect body and strength which conceivably would lead to more home runs Discreet sex partners North Charleston more money a few modern baseball players have turned to illegal steroids to hCarleston and improve their workouts.

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Given his addictive behavior, it is conceivable that the modern day Babe would indulge in them also. So, would Babe Ruth be the same today as he was in his era.?

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After careful consideration, I have to say no. What is the reason?

Discreet sex partners North Charleston

Has the game changed? Are the pitchers better now? Eex the strategy and scouting of opposing hitters improved? Or is it the off the field issues like free agency? Have the huge salaries lessened the motivation of the modern player?

Or was The Discreet sex partners North Charleston that great. I believe it is a combination of all these factors. But the modern day Babe would not be an icon Charlestom he was in the s. Ruth was in a few silent movies then.

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But his reputation and legend were formed by a few sportswriters. Today we have information overload. With cable, broadcast TV and the internet as well as newspapers and magazines the media can report on many other people, especially in sports, politics and entertainment.

Sadly, Ruth today would not be an icon. He would be just another famous American. Sign in Discreet sex partners North Charleston sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. It was The Babe who introduced Japan to baseball during his barnstorming. Also The Babe was a strong advocate of integration Want to masterbate on sleeping cute girl baseball.

Many of the great black players knew that and talked about it. Oscar was kind of a "Willie Mays" type of player. As a white guy I feel cheated that he didn't get his opportunity. I think Ruth felt the same way. Not only would it have changed baseball I believe that it Discreet sex partners North Charleston have changed history and provided integration without having to legislate a patchwork law.

You donot consider that to be racist? I guess we can say that whites are inherently smarter. The so called Baby Ruth candy bar was named after an illegimate child of President Discreet sex partners North Charleston Cleveland and his mistress.

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As Casey Stengel would say, " You can look it up". Drop all those guys out today, and now you have competition the Babe is more used to.

He lived when he should have.

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He took the game to the next level when baseball was about to lose its appeal. The BlackSox scandal was about to ruin Baseball. Although, I would have liked to know how he would have faired in the sixties. I believe the 60's were the best BB era. Old time and modern baseball players all took performance drugs. Today they use blooding and steroids. Ruth and peers drank a half-pint and a hotdog and went to the plate. Think of the pitchers think of the Charlestonn mound think of the longer fences, think of the dead ball!

Babe Ruth will stand out always as Local sluts in Frankfort greatest I was knick named after him I believe The Babe Discreet sex partners North Charleston be able to hit in any league, same with Ty Discreet sex partners North Charleston and many others.

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Would his numbers be as stellar? Probably not, but he could put up monster slugging percentage.

Ty Cobb could probably have similar numbers as he had more than a century ago. Guys like him, may be jerks yet have grit on the diamond.

Ruth was also a dandy pitcher early on, so there is a chance he could have adapted his game to the one played today. He would have Discreet sex partners North Charleston be in fitter ssx, however.

I think most players of old could hang today. Discreet sex partners North Charleston, minus the steroid era, is not like football where big brutish guys with speed make all the difference. Baseball is a thinking man's game. A game of streaks and clutch hitting, while knowing what to do with the ball once you have it.

Sure, speed and power help. Some folks have natural ability, some work hard to get better, and some cheat along the way. Baseball is everyman's game no matter if it were played a century ago or today. Discreet really enjoyed your relating Ruth's era to today's game, media and all.

I would have out that much thought into it. Yes, Discreet sex partners North Charleston believe he did Dixcreet that shot I now have a hub about it.

Discreet sex partners North Charleston

You did a terrific job with this, Bill. The game today is a lot different I should be pushing ruth my nick name after the Babe is Babe. What an amazing hub and as I debate all the time who wouldn't love to see him play in this ERA and vice versa with today's modern super stars playing back then.

The game has changed along the way and with the way he carried himself of the field with the drinking and heavy weight he would have to change that to make it in modern Discreet sex partners North Charleston baseball. Though Naked Hartford Connecticut women could Discreet sex partners North Charleston with the best of them.

The biggest thing I always say is could superstars handle the modern day pressures of "Money" and the media? Charlesto to much about Discreet sex partners North Charleston business now and not about the Discreet sex partners North Charleston that is what has really changed along the way. Though he will always go down as one of the greatest to ever play the game. I think the Babe would have been a superstar no matter what era he played in, he was just so dominant and larger than life.

It's Chagleston to celebrate Babe as an icon of Discrfet era and still today. He came along Discreet sex partners North Charleston the right time to fulfill his destiny. Thanks for this HOTD. As for 'how would Babe Ruth perform today? You can't under-estimate any person's ability to see and hit a ball thrown 80, 90 plus miles an hour and given the overall benefits of the sports training norms of today I don't have any doubt he'd be a legend.

Likewise I think the best stars of today would have done well in Ruth's era. I personally see the Babe as the greatest hitter of all time. Although his record has been broken, Babe Ruth Charldston able to get all of those hits Diacreet about 16 Discreet sex partners North Charleston.

If I am not mistaken, today's baseball season consists of about twice that. Until someone breaks his record in 16 games I will still consider him the home run king. It's very hard to compare athletes from different eras. Maybe back then players had even bigger talent but all methods how they were trained, were simply different. In modern conditions he probably would be even more amazing. I really Chwrleston the hub! A fun fact on Babe Ruth is Hot woman want sex Statesboro he was Single ladies want sex tonight Fort Myers Beach aggressive base stealer, even at his weight.

He is credited with stolen bases and twice was top 10 in the AL. If you look into it more, he is also the most unsuccessful base stealer, because he got caught stealing more than he was successful Nice and interesting article. A lot of things have changed in Baseball since Ruth was playing, so I would have to think he would not make as much of a splash today. You mention the conditioning and use of steroids and Quebec im bbw performance enhancing drugs in the sport today, but here is an interesting question to think about.

Do you think Babe Ruth and other players Discreet sex partners North Charleston in his era would use these kinds of things to compete or would they shun them? I didn't do very well on the quiz, I'm not sure my father would be happy Discreet sex partners North Charleston that. I grew up in a household of baseball lovers.

Congrats on Hub of the Day. This is a great article and the type I don't see very often.

An enjoyable hub that baseball fans in particular can appreciate! I enjoyed your analysis. Wish we could bring back the Babe for just one modern-era game.

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Wouldn't that be fun! Babe is a colorful character He always seems larger than life to me kind of like a tall tale kind of fella'. His accomplishments sec worthy of note.

I do wonder how he would feel today if he walked into the playing arena.